Foxes at new years

ac63e351105a17652d5830b967bddb77afb15f79_mYesterday i went to the Siebold huis. Its from mister Siebold, he was this great explorer from the Netherlands. Around 1824 he traveled to Japan and began all kinds of research there.Japan was closed for foreigners to a certain extent but Siebold didn’t really care that much about rules, and he began collecting  plants and learning Japanese. He made friends with all different Japanese who taught and showed him things he never saw before. One of his friends gave him exclusive maps of Japan, and upon his ship breaking the authorities found all these maps and accused him of being a spie. Long story short , after one year in prison, they decided they didn’t have enough evidence so they had to let him go. But with that they banished him for 13 years.And because of the banishment he had to leave his wife and kid, very sad right? They secretly waived him good bye in the morning dew. But he


could take his dog and monkey. They were both still in the house wen i visited.

In the old house they showed all kinds of Flora and Fauna, dried or on water, and gifts he had received for doing so called wonder operations.

In the attic they had this exposition of Hiroshige, an old painter. He did “commercial”work which definitely wasn’t very… whatever boring, but his ‘free” work is so ill that it compensates completely.




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